Single and multi stage radial blowers for
industrial use


F-CEV & CEVF multi-stage radial blowers

These blowers are available for suction (F-CEV-S) and pressure (F-CEV-D) mode and cover a wide range of industrial applications. F-CEVF versions include either a small dust collection canister or a large canister for the collection of plastic or paper trimmings.

F-RRE and F-RLE single stage radial blowers

These blowers come in a wide variety of sizes and can be used for both suction and pressure mode in many industrial processes where high volume flow at small differential pressures are needed. Variable frequency drives are available.

When it comes to installing these blowers, you will find that any position (left/right/vertical/horizontal) is possible. F-RRE blowers are right turning, F-RLE left turning for maximum flexibility in cases where space is essential (such as in central air cabinets).

Advantages at a glance

  • cast housings and impeller
  • robust and economical
  • "for life" greased bearings
  • quiet and vibration free
  • process safe and reliable
  • worldwide service
  • frequency control available

Product overview

Radial blowers - CEV-S range
fast start-up due to lightweight impellers



Radial blowers - CEVF (29) range
with small filter vessel and dust seperator



Radiallowers - CEVF (31) range
with large filter vessel and collection bin



Radial blowers - RER/REL range
greased for life need no servicing




        Vacuum      Pressure

Application examples


Industrial applications

■ Dust extraction
■ Drying
■ Vacuum cleaners

Food- and Non-Food-Packaging

■ Extracting film and foil pieces


■ Air supply cabinets for printing presses
■ Air supply cabinets for post-press machines

Wood Industry

■ Dust extraction


■ Extraction systems
■ Aeration
■ Dying
■ Waste water treatment

Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Ventilation

Textile Industry

■ Dust extraction
■ Drying

Pneumatic Conveying