The one-man business Metzger Technik Kompressoren & Vakuumtechnik was founded in 1991 in Vaihingen/Enz by Gerd Metzger.

The company basically focuses on the development/construction and the production of oil-free, dry running vacuum pumps, compressors, liquid instruments, dosing devices or accessories.

The first devices were still installed in Vaihingen/Enz, with rising unit quantities and varied tasks were however not for a long time possible in this form. 




Therefore the company was relocated in 1993 to Horrheim. The economic situation evolved very good and healthy in course of the years. Not only inland devices are manufactured, also exported into all countries world-wide.

Always new jobs could be provide by the constantly increasing growth.




In 1997 an PPS-System was acquired to optimize the complete logistic and to meet the quality standard of today; able to act faster, more reliably and flexibly.

Customer satisfaction and high quality standard is our key concern. We do not want to stand still but innovative counter the new century.

In the meantime devices are manufactured for the industries medical technology, laboratory technology, industry and trade in small- and high-volume.




Since again time bounds are set to our current premises was aquired 2008 a building ground in the industrial area of Ensingen (Perfekter Standort)

At the end of 2008, the construction works for the production hall with administrative position were started.




In 2009 the establishment of the Metzger Technik Verwaltungs GmbH and restructuring of the one-man business in into corporation "Metzger Technik GmbH & Co. KG"




Move in our new company building in Bertha-Benz-Straße 1 in 71665 Ensingen.

(Industrial area Perfekter Standort)




Acquisition of property for future extension of a production area.




Trademark protection „METZGER TECHNIK“




Metzger Technik celebrates silver jubilee.




Since 2017 we have an cooperation agreement with the company Gardner Denver Thomas GmbH and broaden the range of products many times over. Through the cooperation agreement are "Diaphragm-, Piston-, Linear-, Rotary vane- and Peristaltic pumps" directly obtainable at Metzger Technik GmbH & Co. KG.




Cooperation agreement with Elmo Rietschle / Gardner Denver Deutschland GmbH . Our extensive portfolio is expanded to include other products such as side channel blowers, claw vacuum pumps, dry-running and oil-immersed rotary vane pumps, liquid ring pumps, screw vacuum pumps, radial blowers, rotary lobe pumps, centrifugal pumps, low-pressure screw compressors.